Modo Design Group

Kristine Newswanger

Managing Principal & Content Strategist

Kristine is a strategic communicator whose work focuses on creating connection. She writes and curates targeted content for national and international idea-driven clients. As co-founder of Modo Design Group, Kristine crafts workplace practices and workspace design to maximize culture, employee happiness and productivity. In a former life, Kristine led the lobbying efforts for nonprofit organizations including strategic messaging for the nation’s governors. She holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. Kristine’s other life ambitions are instilling a unique sense-of-self in each of her three kids and trying to get to a yoga class.

J. Philip Newswanger

Principal & Creative Director

Phil is a highly-regarded design strategist who co-founded Modo Design Group ten years ago. His vision for design is applauded by the national and international idea-driven organizations whom he advises. Phil is a strategic problem solver, uniquely equipped with an intuitive design aesthetic and strong technical capability. With a degree from the acclaimed Maryland Institute, College of Art, Phil’s work has been featured in Wired and Greensource magazines, at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and has been awarded recognition from the Webby’s, Davey Awards, W3 Awards, and Pixel Awards. His preferred medium is the internet and his preferred conveyance is a bicycle.

A design studio with purpose.

Modo advances organizations who drive social change, nationally and globally. We create award-winning web sites and web applications, along with integrated brand identities and content.

Our process goes a little something like this:


It starts with a conversation with our team. We learn about your goals and project objectives to create a shared definition of success.


With a shared definition of success, we iteratively design and concept the user experience and visual brand to achieve the best solution for you.


With your feedback and approval in hand, we program the final elements of your site/app. Now your vision is brought to life.


With a release candidate in place, testing and review assures that your solution will be successfully implemented. With final approval, your site/app is ready to launch.


We’re ready and available to assist you with continuous improvement and more.

We love our clients

We’ve already created great products for:

Let’s make something awesome together.

Design is a collaborative process. It’s part vision and part curiosity. It’s the marshaling of talent, the solving of constraints…all to create the best darn thing out there. We can do it together.

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Modo is 100% wind-powered. We’re always looking for ways to improve the way we do things—from the most innovative approaches in design and development to how we run our studio. We’re always working to keep our proverbial footprint small and tidy.